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Share and save with rooms across Brisbane

We specialise in rooming share accommodation!

Whether it’s your first time moving out or a regular at living in share accommodation, we take the time to get to know what you are looking for, and help make suggestions on rooms and properties that will best suit your needs.

We have share accommodation properties situated across Brisbane, close to public transport and some of the regions largest University and Tafe campuses. We are with you also throughout the property journey from sharing to buying.

Below we have answered some handy frequently asked questions, but if you have any further questions click the “Live Chat” button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Here's a handy guide on frequently asked questions about living in share accommodation.

What is the minimum and maximum lease period?
Many of our share accommodation leases are aligned with the university orientation semesters – January/February and June/July but are able to end leases outside of these periods pending the owners approval. We no longer approve three month leases, with the minimum being a six (6) or twelve (12) month lease. We do also not end any leases during December, with the earliest being from the second week of January.

Can you tell me about the other occupants?
Due to Australia’s strict privacy laws we are unable to reveal anything about the other occupants at the property, this is also as you are all on individual lease agreements. All our households are mixed genders and consist of students and professionals alike. We encourage you to make your decision based on the property and not the other occupants as throughout your tenancy the household may chance several times.

What is included in the rent?
All your utilities are included within your weekly rental amount. Utilities include the internet, electricity, water and gas (if applicable). If there is excessive consumption this charge can be passed onto yourself and fellow housemates, so reasonable use is encouraged.

How do I submit my application?
All our applications are online to ensure a speedy processing time, click the “Apply Now” button on the property that interests you the most. If you like multiple rooms you don’t need to apply over and over, just let us know and we will add them to your application.

How much bond do I need to pay?
You will need to pay a bond equal to 4 weeks of the rent. This is held by the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) here in Queensland until your vacate your room. This must be paid before moving into the property, and generally within 24 hours of having your application approved.

Can my rent increase during my lease?
Your rental amount will not increase during your lease. Rental amounts are re-evaluated each year depending on market conditions.

Can guests and visitors stay overnight?
Unfortunately no, this is for the safety and comfort of your fellow housemates that guests/visitors are not permitted between 10pm and 9am. All guests/visitors must be accompanied by a tenant at all times.

What are your responsibilities while living in a share accommodation property?

What happens if I lock myself out?
If you find yourself locked out during Elevate’s business hours, you can give us a call and collect our office set of keys, or we can attend for a $55.00 call-out fee. If the lockout occurs after-hours, the cost is $110.00 for the call-out fee.

What if I need to break my lease?
We understand that sometimes things can ‘just’ happen and need to break your lease. We encourage you to let us know straight away or if its a possibility to help minimise your costs. You are responsible for paying rent until a new tenant(s) has been found or the end of your lease, paying a re-letting fee of one weeks rent plus GST.

Do I need to be home for a routine inspection?
We conduct routine inspections for our share accommodation in March, June, August and October to ensure minimal impact during the university semesters. You are not required to be home during these inspections but are more than welcome to do so if you choose.

What happens if my rent is late?
Unforeseen circumstances can arise and may result in rental payments being late, if this happens please let us know straight away, as we have a strict rent arrears procedure in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Authority notice to remedy breach periods:

Day 1 – Friendly Reminder / Follow Up.
Day 3 – Notice to Remedy Breach issued with 4 days to remedy.

If you happen to fall into arrears please contact your property manager immediately to discuss.

I am thinking of renewing…
Approximately 70 days prior to your lease ending we will reach out to see if you are interested in renewing for a period of time. Ultimately the owner(s) have the final say over lease renewals, with rent arrears and condition of the property during routine inspections taken into account.

How should I notify the agent of any maintenance? And, what is emergency maintenance?

All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing. In our ongoing attempt to provide you with the best possible service this can be done via your tenant app.

Please ensure to provide as much information as possible including photos of the maintenance item(s) to help us process your request without delay. In most instances your request must first be approved by the landlord prior to any work commencing. 

If you encounter any of the below emergency maintenance items, please contact our preferred emergency tradespeople, or our office. All other repairs are considered routine repairs.

  • a burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • a blocked or broken lavatory service 
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or hot water, cooking or heating appliance
  • a fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a resident of the premises
  • a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area or premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using, the premises

We believe in transparency, so here are some example agreements and forms.

Sight Unseen Agreement
If you’re applying for a property without seeing it in person – this can be via video, 3D virtual tour or Facetime.

Guarantor Agreement
Indicated you receive funds from your parents/family? This is the form we require to be completed.

Example Rooming Accommodation Agreement
An example tenancy agreement for tenants to review before applying for a property to lease. Some special conditions may change depending if you rent a room either furnished or unfurnished.

Resident and Guest Behaviour
Residents and their guests must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other residents. Abusive language, excessive noise, parties and other anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Residents must always maintain a reasonable standard of dress in consideration of other residents. Entry into other residents rooms without their consent will not be tolerated. Any tenant disputes must be reported to Elevate Estate Agents who will attempt to resolve the dispute before passing it on to the relevant authorities if necessary.

Maintenance of Rooms
Residents must maintain their rooms in a neat and tidy manner that does not interfere with the reasonable comfort of other residents, and in a way that does not create a fire or health hazard. Residents must not intentionally or recklessly damage or destroy any part of their rooms including the furniture or a facility in their rooms. Sheets and mattress protectors must be used on the beds at all times. Residents are not permitted to affix any items to any walls ie; hooks, sticky tape, blu-tak etc. Any damage caused as a result of fixtures placed on walls will result in charges at the end of your tenancy for repairs. Furniture provided at the commencement of the tenancy must be remain inside the room for the duration of the tenancy. Permanent removal or storage in the common areas without Elevate Estate Agents consent will be considered a breach of the tenancy.

Smoke Alarms
Residents are responsible for the smoke alarm in their rooms. You may not tamper with touch or remove the batteries or any other part of the smoke alarm. If your neglect results in maintenance of the alarm being required or the Fire Services having to attend at the property due to a false alarm, you will be made to pay the costs.

Common Areas
Common areas are areas shared by all residents. The residents must make sure they and their guests leave common areas neat, clean and tidy after using them. No clothes or other personal items are to be left in the common areas for a short time frame or permanently, as this interferes with other residents use of these areas. Any items to be stored permanently in the common areas must be approved by Elevate Estate Agents or they will be removed and disposed of. It is the responsibility of all residents to keep common areas neat and tidy at all times, please do your part to ensure the property remains a clean and sanitary environment.

Residents must ensure their guests are aware of and follow the house rules at all times. Guest visiting hours are strictly 9am to 10pm and must be accompanied by a resident at all times. Guests are not permitted to stay overnight under any circumstances and any non-resident including family members found to be in the property unaccompanied should be asked to leave immediately. If guests including family members are found to be residing at the premises overnight the host resident will be fined $100 per day until the guest/s have vacated the premises. Guests are prohibited from entering the rooms of residents other than their host and residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors including payment for any damage or breakage that may occur.

Door Locks and Keys
Residents must not tamper with (or change) a door lock on the premises, or make copies of keys without the permission of the provider/agent. Residents that lose their room key will be charged a replacement fee of $30 per key. If you are locked out or have lost your keys Elevate Estate Agents cannot guarantee a key will be available from our office for replacement. If you require a call out from Elevate Estate Agents during office hours a fee of $55 inclusive GST will be payable onsite or $110 inclusive of GST out of office hours. Elevate Estate Agents cannot guarantee a representative from our office will be available to attend & therefor recommend contacting a locksmith at your own cost. Residents must not give their room key to visitors to use.

Residents must not keep an animal on the premises at any time. This includes short term stays. ANIMALS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Smoking & Fire Safety
Residents must not smoke cigarettes, cigars or any other substance inside the unit or on the balcony. To ensure the health and comfort of other residents is not adversely affected by smoke; all smoking is to occur outside of the property and at least 10 meters from the exterior of the building. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in a rubbish receptacle and not left any containers or on the grounds of the external of the property. Burning candles, oil burners and/or incense are prohibited at all times. This is for the safety & comfort of all guests.

Alcohol & Illegal Drugs
Absolutely no usage of drugs or other illegal substances are permitted in the property. Alcohol consumption is to be kept a minimum and drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Illegal substances will not be tolerated and will grounds for immediate eviction and will also be reported to the police.

Residents and/or their guests must keep noise to a minimum between 11pm and 7am. Residents must keep their TV’s and Audio Speakers at an acceptable level at all times as not to disturb other residents.

Repairs & Maintenance
All repairs & maintenance must be reported immediately to Elevate Estate Agents. In an emergency, please contact the relevant after-hours emergency trade as per your lease agreement. Any damage to the property must also be reported immediately to Elevate estate Agents. Residents will be responsible for the cost of repairs of any damage caused to the property by that resident.

Rubbish Removal
Residents always must: protect garbage deposited in the authorised bins against attraction of flies, by wrapping the garbage in garbage bags or other suitable material; ensure the health, hygiene, and comfort of other residents is not adversely affected by the disposal or build up of garbage; and comply with all local government laws about disposal of garbage. All wheelie bins must remain inside the grounds of the property and only placed on the curbside for Brisbane City Council Collection. Once the rubbish has been collected the wheelie bins are to be returned on the same day onto the confines of the property.

Electronic Appliances
Any electronic appliances including but not limited to fridges, portable air-conditioning units & cooking appliances must not be permanently stored in resident’s rooms or the common areas, without prior written approval from Elevate Estate Agents. If applicable extra costs will be payable for the electricity consumption of these appliances.

Security & Safety
Residents must always observe and comply with the security arrangements put in place by the agent/owner. For example, residents must ensure that all entry doors are left secure after entry or exit from the property. Residents are not permitted on the roof of the property at any time.

Food Storage & Consumption
Residents must always store all food items in their allocated kitchen cupboard and or fridge zone. It is the individual residents’ responsibility to keep their food areas clean. At no time are food items to be stored or consumed in residents’ rooms. All dishes, cutlery, cooking implements will be cleaned & put away immediately after use.

Cleaning Roster
To prevent cleaning disputes arising between tenants the property a cleaning roster has been implemented. All residents must complete the allocated duties each week as per the cleaning roster. Any resident not performing their weekly duties can be reported to Elevate Estate Agents who will then take the necessary action against the offending tenant/s.

Residents must not park a vehicle or allow a vehicle to stand on common property; or permit a guest to park a vehicle, or allow a vehicle to stand on common property, except for the designated visitor parking which must remain available at all times for the sole us of visitor’s vehicles.

General Housekeeping
You are responsible for keeping the property always clean and tidy this includes both your room and the common areas. All kitchen and bathroom surfaces should be cleaned immediately after use. Bathrooms must be left free of excess water on the floor & vanity areas. If in the event the common areas are not kept clean, Elevate Estate Agents will notify all residents outlining the cleaning items that need to be rectified and provide the residents with the opportunity to attend to the cleaning.

After 7 days, Elevate Estate Agents will re-inspect the property and if the cleaning has not been completed, a professional cleaner will be engaged, and the cost of the cleaning will be divided equally between all residents. Fittings at the property including but not limited to taps, lights, TV, radio & computers must be turned off when not in use. All furniture and inclusions must remain as they are and not removed at any time.

Vacating Process
Two weeks’ notice is required in writing to vacate your room. This written notice is required to be submitted on a Form R13. If you have carpet and a mattress in your bedroom you will be required to have it professionally cleaned upon vacating with a receipt provided to Elevate Estate Agents. There will also be an approximate $25 fee for the replacement of a mattress protector.

Breaches of House Rules
If a resident is continually dis-regarding the house rules and/or cleaning roster we ask residents to please report this offender to Elevate estate Agents. The house rules are in place to ensure the property is a pleasant place to live for all residents. If information and supporting evidence is received by our office, action will be taken against this offender and if necessary, termination of their tenancy.

House Rule Changes
These House Rules and Conditions are made in accordance with the Residential Services (Accommodation) Act 2002.

Available Rooms

If you would like to inspect any of the below rooms please click on the property followed by the “Inspect Now” button on the right hand side of the listing. We also strongly recommend pre-submitting your application via the “Apply Now” button, as this can help fast-track your application processing. You only need to apply once as we can move your application from room to room.

86 Deighton Road DUTTON PARK QLD 4102
$350 Per Week$1,400 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 86 Deighton Road DUTTON PARK QLD 4102
593 Sandgate Road Clayfield QLD 4011
$300 Per Week$1,200 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 593 Sandgate Road Clayfield QLD 4011
188 Old Cleveland Road Coorparoo QLD 4151
From $250 Per Week$1,000 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 188 Old Cleveland Road Coorparoo QLD 4151
370 Sandgate Road Albion QLD 4010
$320 Per Week$1,280 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 370 Sandgate Road Albion QLD 4010
38-48 Brisbane Street St Lucia QLD 4067
$320 Per Week$1,280 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 38-48 Brisbane Street St Lucia QLD 4067
484 Wynnum Road Morningside QLD 4170
From $240 Per Week$1,420 Bond
Tristan Woollett
Elevate Brisbane
View 484 Wynnum Road Morningside QLD 4170