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Thinking of breaking your lease agreement?

We understand that during your fixed term tenancy you may need to look at vacating earlier, this is called a break lease. The important thing is to understand what is involved and the fees associated.

The fees that are charged to the tenant(s) for breaking lease as the same fees that are charged to the owner(s) when the property is up for rent.

  1. Re-letting fee of 1 weeks rent plus GST
  2. Advertising at cost, this includes a premiere listing on along with other websites such as Homely, Domain, Elevate and many more.
  3. You are responsible for paying rent up until the new tenant moves into the property, or the end of your fixed term lease agreement (whichever comes first).

What is required for you?

Before we start advertising your property or room, we need you to complete a Break Lease Request Form. Once the form has been received, we will start advertising as soon as possible. Once we have secured an application, we will discuss the start date with you, the tenants. As we need 3 clear business days between tenants to conduct the exist condition report, provide yourself 24 hours to tend to any items required and then conduct an entry condition report. These 3 days rent is liable for the tenant to pay as this is something the owner(s) would need to cover if it were a normal re-let.

The bond will not be finalised until we have conducted the vacate inspection, and the new tenants have moved into the property. Please remember that the bond can not be used for rent.

Still wish to break lease?

Simply complete the below Break Lease Request Form.